How life in the city is unfolding for migrants
More than 130,000 asylum seekers have arrived in New York since April 2022. While many have called this influx of migrants a “crisis,” experts say it’s no different than the many waves of immigrants the city has seen over centuries. 

Currently, migrants are coming from Latin America (Venezuela and Mexico), the Caribbean (Haiti and Cuba) and Africa (Senegal and Mauritania) to escape violence, political unrest and climate change. Many arrive in South America and then take dangerous routes to the U.S.-Mexico border, where southern states have redistributed the migrants to sanctuary cities, like New York.

With limited resources and growing sense of opposition from city officials, the pathway to life in New York City has been far from easy for these migrants. And yet many are finding signs of hope with the help of community — from a Venezuelan migrant piecing together services in the Roosevelt Hotel, to Congolese immigrants sharing food in Harlem, to Bangladeshi women feeling empowered in the Bronx.

These stories highlight the city’s newest neighbors, the journeys that brought them here and what is — and isn’t — being done to help them succeed.

Published December 12, 2023


African migrants face a treacherous journey to the U.S. — only to be confronted by mounting challenges.

By Naoufal Enhari
Edited by Tiara White

Makeshift legal clinics are helping asylum seekers apply for protected status — but they need support, too.

By Divya Murthy
Edited by Amanda Salazar

What the migrant crisis is really running the city and what can be done to lower the price tag.

By Fitzwilliam Anderson
Edited by Christian Nazario

The latest wave of migrants further exposes New York’s struggling mental health infrastructure.

By Owen Racer and Mia Hollie
Edited by Nicolas Magrino


Local organizations are filling in the gaps to provide the support migrants need. 

By Niti Majethia
Edited by John Schilling

How Bangladeshi women are navigating a clash of cultural expectations and a desire for independence.

By Liv Graffeo
Edited by Saugat Bolakhe

For Congolese immigrants, food proves key in building community in NYC.

By Raymond DePaul
Edited by Deidre Foley

How a volunteer group of immigrants is providing food, clothing — and community — to new migrants in Queens.

By Leila Medina
Edited by Christian Nazario




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